Denim Day

Whether you get to wear jeans to work everyday or just on Fridays, make sure you wear them right.

If your office is a little more on the casual side, a jean that has that slightly washed look works.  Sport shirts that add a lot of color and every once in a while a cool color tee or polo is ok.  Just make sure you don’t look like you slept in it.  A fresh pair of white sneakers makes you look clean.

For the office that is truly Corporate America, dark jeans are the best.  Pair them with a traditional Navy blazer and a crisp white dress shirt, put on some brown shoes, a nice leather belt, and you will set the standard.  On those cool mornings, don’t be afraid to add a V-neck sweater —and by the way a great pocket square will make all the difference!

— Mark Evans

Mark Evans